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We offer coaching and consulting services in business development, human resources management,

and business operations


Business Development

Has your revenue growth stalled?  Are your teams struggling to meet targets? Does your sales process map to your customer buying process? Are you trying to introduce your products to new markets?  Are you leveraging CRM and analytics? Are you experiencing sales rep turnover?   How are you managing your customers from identifying, to acquisition, through growth, and retention?  Are your sales leaders managing the science in your sales journey?

Sales leaders face a myriad of challenges in order to reliably deliver on sales targets and resulting revenues to the business.  We can help you in a variety of areas related to improving revenues from your sales team. 


       We can help you:                      

Recruit and coach sales representatives, managers and executives

Identify and remove barriers in your selling process

Develop and implement a Sales Playbook

Introduce and assist in integrating CRM systems



Human Resources 

When did you last benchmark your team against industry and competitors and take action to improve? Are your teams engaged in well-defined roles with clear performance expectations? How are your celebrating achievements, and managing poor performance? Are your compensation plans aligned with strategy?   Are you suffering from high staff turnover or low morale?   


        We can help you:

Coach your leadership & teams for scaling and growth

Prepare for staff recruitment, development, and retention

Get your compensation plans working to attract and retain top talen

Prepare management for expansion, including merger and acquisition


        We can help you build a GallupR Strengths-based Organization

           Organizations with strengths-based cultures experience higher employee
          engagement, retention, productivity and performance, and higher profits.

          Our GallupCertified strengths coach is your certified navigator to help you build       
          and leverage your program.


Strategy and operations

Are you getting the most out of your organizations’ resources?  Are you wondering how to deliver more effective and efficient operations that support and drive your business objectives? Are all your departments rowing in the same direction, and at the same speed?


        We can help you:

 Assess and develop strategic plans at functional and corporate levels

 Evaluate projects for health & risks and offer remedial actions

 Design and deploy team collaboration tools and best practices



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